Food Industry
Extruded Snacks, Potato Chips, Peanuts & Pop Corn

Best Foods Productions was founded in 1994 in Romania, by Mr. Νontas Ohonos, Having already a large market share in extruded snacks in Greece, he moved his operations in Romania to follow the changes of the new European scenery.

Best Foods Productions managed to become the market leader of extruded snacks in the Romanian market and to expand its operations even further. Currently it produces extruded snacks, Swiss rolls, cake bars, peanuts and peanut paste for professional buyers. More than 50% of its production capacity is exported to the European markets. Along with OHONOS Snacks SA, its sister company in Greece, Best Foods Productions controls large market share in the Balkan Peninsula following an expansive strategy in the European markets.

Best Foods Productions owns one of the largest industrial facilities in Romania; the facilities contain the latest equipment available in the market today; hundreds employees from all over Europe comprise one of the most skilful workforce in the extruded snacks industry in Europe.

Best Foods Productions prides itself by offering products of the outmost quality and taste, using only the best available materials after they have been tested thoroughly.

  Quality & Taste